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Opportunity: The practice administrator uncovered problems with their patient retention process. Patients who ignored recalls or canceled/no-showed weren’t reliably followed up, and in some cases, they were completely falling through the cracks due to staff error. She tried analyzing and contacting the overdue patients but the process of manually running reports in her practice management system was too frustrating and wasn’t scalable.   Solution: The first finding after installing Brevium’s patient reactivation software was the discovery of 8,160 overdue patients. Statistics were provided about how many patients could be reached via text, email, mailers, and automated or live calls. The administrator was optimistic to fill providers’ schedules, help patients receive vital exams and get the practice back on track. Quick look Anonymous practice Specialty: Ophthalmology Number of providers: 10 Number of locations: 7 Summary: Brevium software quickly identified 8,160 lost patients in need of vital exams and facilitated contact sequences based on the following findings. 8,159 patients available [...]

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Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor, & Haun

Opportunity: Coming off its most successful year, CCT&H desired to keep and even add to its upward momentum. The practice employs extensive processes for communicating with patients, including appointment reminders, recalls, and cancel/no-show follow-up. The administration wanted to do more; providers had openings to see additional patients and it was recognized that some patients would inevitably fall through the cracks, given the large size of the organization and patients ignoring recall invitations. Solution: After installing Brevium’s patient reactivation software, managers were enthusiastic about the opportunity to contact overdue patients. They saw it was working almost immediately, as patients accepted the invitations to return and scheduled appointments. Quick look Specialty: Ophthalmology Number of providers: 17 Number of locations: 10 Knoxville, TN Summary: Within the first three months, Brevium patient reactivation software quickly contributed to increased revenue and medical management of patients who needed crucial surgeries and follow-up. 586 additional patients reactivated 121 additional cataract surgeries as a result [...]

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SureVision Eye Centers

Opportunity: SureVision Eye Centers provides general ophthalmology services and refractive and cataract surgery to tens of thousands of patients in Missouri and Illinois. Analysis by SureVision determined they had been losing patients to follow-up.  Measurement of the number of lost patients and available appointment openings led them to establish a goal to boost visit volume and increase compliance. Solution: SureVision was referred by another practice to Brevium patient reactivation software in order to help them achieve their goals. SureVision used Brevium to target patients for all ten providers and used the SmartFill feature to ensure they were scheduled with less-busy doctors in the practice. SureVision used existing staff to make calls to patients. Quick look Specialty: Ophthalmology Number of providers: 10 Number of locations: 7 St. Louis, MO Summary: Brevium patient reactivation software helped SureVision achieve its goals of increasing compliance and boosting visit volume, with a resulting high ROI. 186 additional patients reactivated within 30 days [...]

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