St. Paul Eye Clinic (Brevium Stitch)

Opportunity: St. Paul Eye Clinic offers full ophthalmic services to Minneapolis-St. Paul and into Wisconsin. While they had long wanted to move from an old DOS-based practice management system to Advanced MD, the Director of Operations was worried about the time and effort it would take for a complete, manual move to the new system. She was also concerned that the resulting incomplete patient record files would interfere with their ability to query and reach out to patients with sight-threatening conditions. Solution: The Director of Operations learned that Brevium can “stitch” an old database to a new one, linking the two to produce one seamless file of patient history. Once this was accomplished, it was then easy for Brevium’s software systems to query and target patients who were overdue. Quick look Specialty: Ophthalmology Number of providers: 17 Number of locations: 7 St. Paul MN Management system: AdvancedMD Summary: Brevium Stitch seamlessly moved all patient records from their old [...]

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Conway Women’s Health

Opportunity: Conway Women’s Health was worried about patient retention among the student population in this college town. The administrator determined they had been losing patients to follow-up and tried to query their own database and reach out to patients to remedy this, with limited success. Solution: The administrator determined that Brevium would help achieve their goals and improve patient retention. The providers were initially reluctant but agreed to a trial period which convinced them of the value by filling multiple openings with overdue patients. They used texts, emails and postcards for outreach through Brevium. The practice appreciated the convenience of Brevium’s reporting, which fostered accountability and showed them their financial and clinical goals were being met. Quick look Specialty: OB/GYN Number of providers: 6 Number of locations: 3 Conway, AR Summary: Brevium’s patient reactivation software helped the practice achieve its goals of increasing compliance and boosting visit volume, with a resulting high return on investment. 329 patients [...]

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Clinic Sofia OBGYN

Opportunity: Clinic Sofia OBGYN became aware that, despite their patient retention procedures, patients would slip through and miss their annual exam and consequently were sometimes lost to the practice. Clinic Sofia wanted to find these lost patients and bring them back into a continuity of care. Solution: The practice realized that Brevium patient reactivation software would help them close the gap in their annual exam schedule and keep those patients with Clinic Sofia. The practice had three new providers starting and used Brevium’s SmartFill feature to ensure reactivated patients were scheduled with those providers to get them busy right away. The practice dedicated a staff member to make live calls to reach patients using the Brevium caller software. Quick look Specialty: OB/GYN Number of providers: 8 Number of locations: 2 Edina, MN Summary: The patients reactivated by Brevium were more likely to be seen for ongoing exams and other medically necessary procedures. The practice has been a Brevium [...]

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North Oaks OBGYN

Opportunity: In an era of practice consolidation, increasing overhead and decreasing payor reimbursement, North Oaks OBGYN had a goal to remain independent and continue their growth. They found that their patients had a greater tendency to no-show than practices in more urban areas. The practice wanted to maintain their service to the local community and give the best care possible. Solution: North Oaks OBGYN became aware of Brevium patient reactivation software and felt it would help them achieve their goal of maintaining quality care for the community in the face of decreasing reimbursement. North Oaks OBGYN used staff calls for outreach to patients through Brevium; a high ROI allowed them to pay a bonus for staff success when patients booked and kept appointments. Quick look Specialty: OB/GYN Number of providers: 9 Number of locations: 2 Hammond, LA Summary: North Oaks OBGYN has seen more than $1M in extra revenue generated over two years from reactivating patients with critical [...]

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