Increase Your Practice Revenue Without Overworking Your Team

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Add the Most Practice Growth with the Least Expense

When you set budgets and make plans for practice growth, you might be overlooking a significant source of new revenue in your own backyard. New-patient acquisition is one of the highest priorities in most practice’s business plans, because, even among practices that have been operating for several years and have a loyal patient base, patient attrition is unavoidable. Patients move, pass away, change doctors, or just neglect to come back.

Generate Revenue from Existing Patients

Business experts say that generating revenue from existing patients is five to 25 times easier and less expensive than trying to attract new patients. And if your practice is typical, you already have a rich source of patients for whom you have already invested the acquisition costs.

Bring Back Lost Patients Overdue for Care

You likely have a database with up to 2,000 patients per provider whom you have treated in the past but who are overdue for treatment and have stopped responding to recall notifications. Although your office has given up on these patients, you can reactivate many of them using Brevium communications and reactivation strategies.


Increase Revenue Without the Cost of Acquiring New Patients

Reactivating just 20 percent of these patients could become $100,000 in additional profits per provider per year, and much more over the lifetime of the patient relationship. Reactivated patients thus add revenue to your practice without the cost of acquiring new patients and after you have met your fixed expenses. They are reasonably your most valuable source for increasing revenue.

Increase Your Practice Revenue without overworking your team

Your team is busy ensuring your practice runs efficiently and patients are well cared for. That leaves little extra time to focus on bringing in new revenue. Brevium can be customized to your practice growth goals and reache out to lost patients using multiple automated contact methods and logical communication sequences to maximize conversion rates. The practice chooses the methods, order, and timing for outreach and let’s Brevium do the rest.

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