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An estimated 25% of patients are overdue at their practice. Overdue patients are patients who should be seen by their provider but have no appointment or pending recall.

With the number of overdue patients running into the thousands at many practices, current efforts for bringing back these patients, or reactivating them, do not produce the desired results. Practices often fall short when attempting to reconnect with patients in need of care. This includes patients with known disease states and those who have canceled appointments, ignored previous recalls or should be seen for a check-up.

Most practice management systems have no automated way to determine who has been sent or responded to a reminder. In addition to not receiving the medical attention they need, overdue patients also represent a lost source of revenue for practices. 

Patient reactivation is the process of contacting overdue and lost patients with the goal of returning them to the practice.

Brevium is the only system that actually mines the patient data in your practice management system to find those lost and overdue patients. It analyzes the billing and treatment codes, recall information and more to identify those patients.

Brevium allows your practice to filter this information in a variety of ways including by reason, provider, location, referrals and insurance.

If your staff forgets to enter a recall or to follow up with a patient who cancels or no-shows, Brevium will catch them and make it easy to contact them.

Brevium discovers what other systems fail to. In fact, in many cases the only way to get certain patients back is by using Brevium. It doesn’t replace your appointment reminder system. Instead, it finds all of those patients your current reminder and recall system doesn’t find.


Bring back your lost patients now.