Don’t Lose Patient Data When You Switch to a New Practice Management System

Moving to a new practice management system can bring a number of advantages, such as integration with your clinic’s electronic health records (EHR) system, improved patient care and a healthier bottom line. However, if not executed carefully, switching can also put your practice in a serious predicament. Because the new and old databases seldom align, you can lose essential patient information.   Database Misalignment Causes Missteps and Inefficiencies A typical migration from one practice management system to another moves patients’ demographics, but because the new system doesn’t recognize the fields in the old system, it often leaves behind historical appointments and claims information. Although the practice maintains a patient’s name, it might not have their diagnosis and visit history. Practices that recognize this problem often maintain the old system for a couple of years so they can run a query of overdue patients based on diagnostic and procedure codes in the old system, and they manually look up the patients in the new system to [...]