The 4 Ways Technology Is Helping With Patient Retention

Keeping patients happy and coming back to see you can be difficult in today’s world. Thankfully, there are several ways technology can help you with this process, even if you don’t have any electronic patient records or appointment scheduling or reminder software yet. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that technology can help you keep your patients happy and returning to see you again and again. Email Marketing Sending newsletters or promotional emails to your patients on behalf of your practice will help you stay in touch. This will keep each of your patients in the loop about changes. Letting them know about any upcoming specials, events or other changes in store for them will keep them coming back! Since they [...]

June 15th, 2022|

4 Ways To Ease Patient’s Back Into In-Person Visits

Patients are increasingly choosing to schedule appointments online with their doctors instead of actually going in person to the office to meet with them. This trend has been both beneficial and detrimental, depending on which doctor you ask. Some have chosen to focus on e-appointments so they can see more patients per day, but others feel that their bedside manner suffers when there isn’t an actual physical exam taking place in their office. Plus, some visits just can’t be done virtually. Luckily, there are ways to make the transition back to in-person visits easier for both you and your patients, here are four ways to do just that! 1. Help them Feel Safe The last few years have been tough and scary for many [...]

June 12th, 2022|

4 Tips for Decreasing No-shows at Your Practice

As busy as you are at your practice, no-shows are undoubtedly one of the most frustrating aspects of your job. They waste time and money, they keep patients waiting, and they cause lost revenue from missed appointments that don’t get rescheduled on time. Fortunately, there are ways to decrease no-shows at your practice and put an end to all this frustration. Here are 5 tips for decreasing no-shows at your practice. 1. Establish a code of conduct It’s important to establish a clear set of rules from day one with every patient. Even if your practice is small, with just you and a few other practitioners, it’s important to let patients know what to expect when they walk through your door. If you have [...]

June 10th, 2022|

Four Reasons You Lose Patients. You Can Avoid These Missteps.

The average practice has 1,000 to 2,000 inactive patients per provider who need care but haven’t responded to recalls, and the office has stopped reaching out to them. This group comprises a range of patients, from individuals who require only routine exams to those with more serious conditions. Understanding why patients go inactive is important to knowing how to bring them back for the care they need and to avoid the liability your practice could incur.  One: Patients Ignore Recalls The biggest reason patients go missing is because they ignore their recall notices. Tracking recall response rates is difficult, thus most practices don’t know the percentage of their patients who respond. A recent study found that the typical conversion rate for a single round [...]

June 6th, 2022|

3 Ways to Combat Inflation in Your Medical Practice

Inflation continues to plague the economy, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. This can be especially difficult in a service-based industry such as healthcare, where rising costs can force you to raise your prices on patient visits and surgeries if you want to stay profitable. However, there are ways you can combat inflation in your medical practice by getting ahead of the curve and taking steps now to keep your practice running smoothly in an ever-changing economic climate. 1. Investigate the Financial Side of your Practice First, you have to make sure that you understand how much revenue is coming into your practice and where it's going. While technology has made certain aspects of running a medical practice more automated [...]

June 5th, 2022|

4 Ways To Revamp Your Overwhelmed Medical Practice

Taking care of patients is the most important part of being a doctor, but seeing patient after patient can get exhausting. Even if you’re just trying to keep up with your patient intake, you might feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients you have to deal with. If this sounds like your office, it’s time to make some changes. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to revamp your medical practice to reduce that stress. Here are four ways to do just that. 1. Ditch the Paper While paper files have been the way to stay organized for many years, it’s just not efficient. Paper files can be a huge pain in a practice. Digitizing them can allow you [...]

June 3rd, 2022|

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