Clinic Sofia OBGYN became aware that, despite their patient retention procedures, patients would slip through and miss their annual exam and consequently were sometimes lost to the practice. Clinic Sofia wanted to find these lost patients and bring them back into a continuity of care.


The practice realized that Brevium patient reactivation software would help them close the gap in their annual exam schedule and keep those patients with Clinic Sofia. The practice had three new providers starting and used Brevium’s SmartFill feature to ensure reactivated patients were scheduled with those providers to get them busy right away. The practice dedicated a staff member to make live calls to reach patients using the Brevium caller software.

Quick look

  • Specialty: OB/GYN

  • Number of providers: 8

  • Number of locations: 2

  • Edina, MN


The patients reactivated by Brevium were more likely to be seen for ongoing exams and other medically necessary procedures. The practice has been a Brevium customer for two years and continues to enjoy success in reactivation of patients for annual visits.

  • 139 patients reactivated within 3 months

  • 19.5x ROI after 3 months

  • $43,078 in extra revenue generated within 3 months

  • Patients reactivated in the first 3 months returned for an avg. of 2 additional visits in the next year

  • $704,000 in extra revenue generated in two years (cost 1.9% of revenue generated)