Stop losing patients.

Stop losing patience.

Brevium makes it easy to
bring back the patients
you want to see.


Increased appointments.
Increased revenue.

Get new doctors busy seeing
long overdue patients.


Brevium works seamlessly with
your practice management system.

Stacks of files

Your patients are too
valuable to get lost in
the stacks.

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No Complicated

Increase Your

Quick Return on

Brevium is Patient Reactivation Software

Our technology will find lost patients by mining the recall, visit history, and claims data in your practice management system database.

You’ll know right away that it’s working because Brevium will show you the patients who schedule and how much money you collect to ensure the process is successful.

Expect revenue, office visits, and surgery volumes to dramatically increase.

Key Features of Brevium

  • Improves the Quality of Care

  • Increases Revenue

  • Gets New Doctors Busy

  • Mines Patients from a Prior System

  • Cash Flow Positive

    Expect Brevium to generate more receipts than your first bill before it is due.

  • 5X Return

    Expect Brevium to generate at least 5X more receipts than the amount of your bill every month thereafter.

  • 30-Day Guarantee

    Pay nothing if you try it for 30 days and decide not to keep it.

  • Month by Month

    Brevium’s agreement is on a month-by-month basis. We succeed by delighting our customers.

Used by Thousands of Doctors Nationwide, Including Those at The Following Practices:

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